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Adam Haworth May 5, 2012
Don't hate it, don't love it either. Very meh. The ... 3 years ago

Burnley FC launched their home kit online yesterday. This year the kit’s motto is “get in line” and it’s safe to say the kit split opinion like marmite. But what do you think?

“Think it’s the first time in a while I won’t be buying a shirt” @kelvinstuttard

We asked you to air your views on Twitter, shortly after the kit was launched. First to reply was @kelvinstuttard, who made clear his opinion. “Really don’t like it,” he said, “that line is just horrendous! Think it’s the first time in a while I won’t be buying a shirt”. It seems the kit was too modern for some, with people complaining it looks like a Scunthorpe or West Ham strip, rather than the traditional Burnley approach. @4stringsplenty was one such person. He explained he would “prefer the traditional look” and went on to say that he “can’t see it selling many, only to kids who’ll outgrow it by the next season.”. All negative, then.

But optimists then took hold. @Peter_Lister was adamant “it’ll grow on us!”. @StueyG2009 was clear in his opinion. “Totes rad.” he said. I’m not sure if this was sarcasm or not. @DougStatt went along the same lines of Peter, stating: “Hopefully a grower? I dont normally like new kits but this one seems…well worse really”.

As the night went on, I saw more and more people in support of the kit. Maybe it is just a grower. The real questions will be answered when sales figures for the shirts may appear.

But do you like the shirt? Comment on the right giving your view. 

  • Jamie Smith

    Really don’t like it. That line is just stupid and Burnley play in WHITE shorts.

    How hard can it be? Claret body, blue sleeves, white shorts, hooped socks. Keep it simple, keep it classy, avoid having a sponsor taking up 99% of the shirt.

    • Jamie Smith
      JamieSmiffin reply to JamieSmiff

      the claret doesn’t even look right.

  • KP

    Not a fan of it – a narrower band made into a ‘vee’ wouldve been much better

  • Mark Barnes

    Don’t hate it, don’t love it either. Very meh. The blue looks too light to me, could be just the photos but looks a bit washed out.

    Probably won’t stop me from buying one, though.

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