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Burnley heap more misery on ‘Call me Steve’

Burnley met Steve Cotterill last night – and the 2-0 victory put our former manager under more pressure.

Nottingham Forest have now failed to score in their last seven home games, picking up one point and conceding 12 goals in the process – and managed just four goals and one win in 13 games home and away.

It’s a chilling reminder of that run we endured under his management at Turf Moor.

After Andy Gray picked up an injury against Leeds United in December 2006, his Burnley team scored just nine goals as they suffered 18 games without victory, a run that lasted until April.

He would again oversee just one win in ten games the following season before being replaced by Owen Coyle.

Burnley’s victory last night is sure to put the now Forest manager under more pressure – and to add insult to injury it had to be Jay Rodriguez grabbing both goals – who was given his first professional contract by Cotterill himself in 2007.

Despite these terrible spells I think he did a good job here – but still can’t help but revel in his misfortune.

He took charge with hardly any players – Graham Branch as a centre-half – and a team everybody was convinced was certain for relegation.

His first job was to find a way to shore up a leaky defence and boy did he do that. In his debut season only Stoke (38) conceded less than our 39 – almost half the 77 Stan’s team let in the season previous.

He made some inspired signings such as John McGreal, Frank Sinclair, Micah Hyde, Andy Gray, Ade Akinbiyi, Gary Cahill to name but a few, and we saw a steady improvement for the most part of his time at the Club.

But man, it was horrible to watch. His style was nicknamed ‘Cotterball’ by fans as we gave our midfielders the easiest job in the country – to stand and watch as the ball flew over their head towards a big striker time after time after time after time.

And he had a right temper –  his outburst when one fan dared call him Cotterill after a defeat springs immediately to mind. “I am called Steve,” he declared angrily.

‘Best young manager outside of the Premier League’ apparently.

I’m struggling to think of any fans who could like him other than those at Cheltenham. He royally pissed off Stoke fans, walked out on Notts County after promotion, did a ‘Cotterill’ by walking out on Pompey after just a year and is now doing a sterling job at the City Ground.

Never has a manager been so bad at turning around bad fortunes. So, Mr Cotterill, you continue doing what you do best – dragging an out-of-form side further and further into danger.

Do you have fond memories of Steve Cotterill? Comment on the right.

  1. Got to remember Cotterill often had to sell his best player, we were often fighting to keep our heads above water.

    But yeah, the football was mostly crap.

    Posted 2 years ago by JamieSmiff
  2. He wouldn’t wave at our fans last night for some reason???

    Posted 2 years ago by cstanworth86
    • spoilsport

      Posted 2 years ago by JamieSmiff
  3. “He made some inspired signings such as John McGreal, Frank Sinclair, Micah Hyde, Andy Gray, Ade Akinbiyi, Gary Cahill to name but a few,” < add Wade Elliott, Michael Duff, Graham Alexander, Steve Caldwell, Joey Gudjonsson, Clarke Carlisle…

    Posted 2 years ago by Daniel Bentley
    • Totally forgot about Duff! You could make a real team out of Cotterill’s signings, even if some of them didn’t really reach their best until Coyle took charge.

      I do think he wanted to play better football than he did – his signings were often those of a footballing team, but he always defaulted back to Cotterball.

      Posted 2 years ago by kevr1990
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