Eddie’s year: the away record

Chris Ellison January 20, 2012
Kevin Robinson
It's worth looking at the tables I did here for ... 3 years ago

Eddie Howe celebrated a year in charge of Burnley with the superb victory at (then) third placed Middlesbrough, inflicting only their second home league defeat of the season, writes Chris Ellison.

The dominant performance however was equally as pleasing as the three points as Burnley totally dominated, especially in the at times embarrassingly one sided first half.This latest victory on the road was, amazingly, Howe’s 12th away win out of the 25 away league games he has been in charge of since his appointment on 16th January 2011.  Crude I know, but if you allow me to add his 2010/11 fixtures to those so far in 2011/12, Howe has been in charge of 47 league games (1 more than a full season) and 25 away games (2 more than a full season). It really is a great time to follow the Clarets away from home!

I have been fortunate enough to be a regular attendee at away games since the early 90s and I’m sure many seasoned Burnley fans will agree with me – Burnley just don’t win that many away games per ‘season’.  You have to go back to the 2001/02 season when Burnley threatened to take the Championship by storm by winning ten away games, only to eventually miss out on a play-off place, to see a number of victories that comes close to Howe’s performance. Burnley won less still in the 1993/94, 1999/2000 and 2008/09 promotion seasons, such is our usual dominance at ‘Fortress Turf’.

So what is Howe’s secret? Well first, I have included a crude statistic and he has had two more away games than a regular season, but it’s still impressive. My personal opinion is that we are set up in such a way that makes us a better away team; I think we struggle at times to impose ourselves on games at Turf Moor. We have a forward line which has the classic ability to hit teams on the break and when we put the opposition under pressure and really go full throttle, like the first half at Middlesbrough, we look an absolute force.

We have a state where almost all of our forward players are comfortable switching from left to right to playing down the middle and it means we are so flexible and at times difficult to second guess.
Now for some highlights out of the 12 away victories:

Like I said at the start of this piece, it really is a superb time to be following the Clarets away from home as we are turning in some fantastic displays of football at times. All that remains is for this away form to continue, we can cope with a few defeats along the way but it would be great to kick on at Turf Moor, make it a fortress again and really take this division by storm!

Up the Clarets!

  • cstanworth86

    Middlesbrough was the perfect away performance and I really enjoyed the Derby and PNE games too. The number of away victories has been truly staggering, especially for Burnley! Long may it continue!

  • Kevin Robinson

    It’s worth looking at the tables I did here for another interesting take on the away record – more wins on the road than at home! http://nonaynever.net/7459/eddies-year-the-tables/

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