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Rovers win would be cherry on cake

Thomas Pickles says the Rovers game is not the be all and end all.

I can’t believe I’m writing this.


Who’d have thought that at the most likely point of us turning Rovers over, in their back yard for the first time in over three decades, we have bigger fish to fry.

I would never, ever say that a game against Blackburn Rovers doesn’t matter because that would be a ridiculous lie. However, the Rovers game comes at the tail end of a tense trio of fixtures. Before the season begun, the match on March 9th would’ve had all the focus.

The same can’t be said now.

The Nottingham Forest game was massive. Before, dare I say it, some were speculating how a victory would make it almost unbelievable to slip out of the play-offs come June. Win we did. And in style. In swaggering, composed, watch-with-your-mouth-open style.

And on Saturday, we face Derby County. In other circumstances, it would’ve been fair to assume many would have had both eyes on the Rovers game.

But no. The match against Derby is titanic. They’ve soared under Steve McClaren’s stewardship and with QPR’s stuttering form, they’ve appeared as the biggest threat to Burnley’s automatic promotion place.

It feels wrong to write ‘Burnley’ and ‘automatic promotion’ in the same sentence. But, although not quite winner-takes-all, a Burnley victory against County will tighten our grip on second place.

It’s at the point where a victory against Derby is more important than a victory against Blackburn.

And it’s surreal that I’m even typing that.

It doesn’t mean I and every Burnley fan don’t want this 34 year hoodoo to end.

It doesn’t mean I won’t be there at Ewood, biting my nails and praying and hoping and…

It doesn’t mean that I’m covering our backs with an “It doesn’t matter that we’ve lost” prepared for March 10th.

Because the East Lancashire derby is monumental. Nothing will change that, ever.

It’s just interesting to note that victory in the Derby game a week before will have more of an effect on our very touchable promotion hopes.

And that’s testament to Sean Dyche, the board and the players because in any other season, a victory against Rovers would be absolutely everything.

This season, it’ll be the cherry on top of a cake.

Our derby day film We Are These People, written by Thomas, will premiere this weekend.

  1. Absolutely agree. Winning against Derby is more important. Don’t care if 34 years become 54 years if it’s because we’re a league above them.

    Posted 5 months ago by Jamie Smith
    • Make that 554 years.

      Posted 5 months ago by Thomas Pickles
      • Hopefully we’ll never play them again…

        Posted 5 months ago by Jamie Smith
    • Rarely, but I wholeheartedly agree with Jamie.

      Indeed there would be a brilliant irony if we beat Derby (and Leicester too – let’s go for it!) and only drew against our bitter rival – and then went up and left them behind!

      Posted 5 months ago by Mike Mada
  2. I look forward to the day Burnley fans stop singing NNN and you have to find a new name for your page. UTC.

    Posted 5 months ago by Jack
    • I’m sure NNN will be sung for many a year to come, when we are the established PL Team and they struggle to return. Maybe one day we’ll play them in the cup…

      Posted 5 months ago by Chris Wood
  3. the ONLY thing I care about is Saturday, will start thinking about March 9 match late Saturday and on Sunday for 6 days. This Saturday for me is a “must not lose game”. Would be perfectly happy with draw and look at the points amassed over last few matches including 2 of our 3 nearest rivals, forget Top Spot and focuss on where we are and retaining. Can start crowing at the end of May regarding our noisy neighbours (hopfully because not a forgone conclusion yet) :).

    Posted 5 months ago by Keith Robinson
  4. Put Blackburn firmly on the back burner for now, the game on Saturday is top priority.

    All this talk of taking a draw now against Derby is nonsense, we are by a distance the better team and will blow them away just as Forest were last week.

    Posted 5 months ago by royboyclaret
    • You’re right. There is everything to say we are a winning team and that means against everyone, one game at a time.

      Posted 5 months ago by Mike Mada
  5. Sounds weird, but its actually a bigger game for them. I never thought I’d say that

    Posted 5 months ago by Sutty
  6. Good read. Looking forward to the film.

    Posted 5 months ago by FlandersClaret
  7. Absolutely agree, lets focus on what’s important now and that’s Saturday, then we can tackle our neighbours down the road, and incase anyone is debating whether saturday is affordable or you need a reason to be there I suggest you tune in to the you tube clip on the derby fanzone of them at Wigan, , that’s there 12th man, go the extra mile and be our 12th man the lads need us like never before utc

    Posted 5 months ago by top claret
  8. royboy, you need to get some perspective and get your claret tinted glasses off, if you look at the two teams and go bak any number of match over 5 to say 10 or 12 I believe Derby will have earned more points than us. That means it is not a foregone conclusion for Saturday and for sure SD will not be telling the team not to worry we are a better team. Can we beat them of course and always will be my first choice and for this I stand by what I said which is not nonesense as you dimissively put it, a draw will be acceptable, a loss not. Want also to retain the not beat at home for the full season, am sure we will be cheering the smae team on come Saturday and as someone else said the win is actually more important to them than us but that wont stop SD & the team going all out for it. Play like we did against Bournmouth or against NF and think we would have completely different results, Saturday will tell.

    Posted 5 months ago by Keith Robinson
    • Just seen this…….Hope you enjoyed the win Keith.

      As expected we were, in every respect, a far superior TEAM to Derby and make no mistake Leicester will go exactly the same way when they pay us a visit at the end of the month.

      After that game I predict we will be just two points behind the league leaders who then play away away at Wigan the following Tuesday before a third game in six days on the Friday.

      By that time we will not only be looking at automatic promotion but challenging for the outright title and the momentum will be with us. Nowthen Keith, you may feel that all this is seeing the world through Claret tinted spectacles but do I care?…….Not one bit my Claret friend.

      Posted 5 months ago by royboyclaret
  9. totally agree ,,,beating derby ,,,is more important than Blackburn ,,,to day derby is next so its a huge game ,,, an we need to beat Blackburn to shut them up ,,, be nice to say we beat you an got promotion !!! that would shut them up

    Posted 5 months ago by CLARETDOG
  10. if we play like we did at QPR ,,,, I certainly think ,,,,,, if we played like that we beat any one ,,,as rovers are NO QPR

    Posted 5 months ago by CLARETDOG
  11. WE need to get all our players signd up on longer contracts tripps ,,vokes , ings ,, infact most of the team ,,, before summer what ever happens ,,

    Posted 5 months ago by CLARETDOG
  12. id rather be in a league above b***** rovers but I would rather end there 34 years bragging to shut them up finally will be brilliant to be proud to say we beat Blackburn after 34 years be nice to see what stupid excuse they use when they loose :)

    Posted 5 months ago by luke whittaker
  13. Unbelievable, you lot are curling away from a win like a slug from salt!
    We are a better team than them, have a better plan, better team mentality and they have just been tonked by a relegation team. We played them off the park at the Turf, they needed a mistake to get a point and had to cheat to prevent a loss.
    So I say it’s okay to relax and let’s play and support for three points. You are all beginning to sound like Mourinho going on about title chances.
    We want three points off a mediocre team- that’s what promotion is all about.

    Posted 5 months ago by Ightenclaret
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