Brighton fans on Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes Flickr, dannylast
Jamie Smith January 9, 2014
Shrewd first buy yes, but I wouldn't congratulate the board ... 1 year ago

We asked Brighton fans what to expect from incoming striker Ashley Barnes.

  • Steve Harris

    Sounds like the Seagulls have dropped a prized herring.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Steve Harris

      It’s always a good signing when fans are upset about losing a player. Only found a couple who weren’t bothered about him going, so it looks a good one!

      • Steve Harrisin reply to Jamie Smith

        The top comment by Max Denyer is very encouraging!

  • donald cooper

    I hope Barnes is coming in to strengthen the current squad and not as a replacement for Danny Ings.

    • Jackin reply to donald cooper

      There is always that, Donald. Who knows ? But my hunch is that he won’t go in January. The summer, perhaps but not even then if Burnley are a Premiership side again. We shall see.

  • Jack

    I trust Mr Dyche to make a shrewd first buy and the board should be congratulated for making the cash available.

    • Stevein reply to Jack

      Shrewd first buy yes, but I wouldn’t congratulate the board for making just £750k available after what we got for Rodriguez alone.

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