Surprised and sad to see Brendan Flood step down

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Kevin Robinson January 22, 2013
I live just north of Seattle in the American North ... 2 years ago

I was as surprised as anybody to read this afternoon of Brendan Flood’s resignation from the Turf Moor boardroom.

Undoubtedly our most vocal and outspoken director, Flood today stepped down citing ‘personal reasons’ behind his decision.

Having written a book about his relationship with the Club – with several headline-grabbingly audacious claims – opened up for frank and honest interviews with the press, including No Nay Never, and engaged with fans on Twitter he was by far the most high-profile board member behind former chairman Barry Kilby.

It was with Kilby that he was named joint ‘operational director’ soon after joining the board which, although only loosely defined officially, essentially meant he had a bigger hand on the day-to-day running of the club.

Similarly, Paul Fletcher recently told NNN of the director’s hard work behind the scenes as Burnley won promotion in 2009. Flood was instrumental in replacing Steve Cotterill with Owen Coyle and Fletcher claims promotion would have been impossible without Flood’s ambition and ability to break through the opposition of his more-cautious compatriots.

“Without Brendan’s calculated gambles we wouldn’t have got anywhere near the Premier League,” the former CEO admitted in November.

His hands-on approach, ambition and high-profile among fans, led many to assume he could be the one to fill Kilby’s boots when he stepped down in the summer until John B and Mike Garlick picked up that responsibility between them.

Speaking to No Nay Never in July 2012, the Rossendale Clarets-fanatic explained his plans to continue this arrangement well into the future.

“I want to devote more time to my business interests for the next few years,” he said. “And then I do see myself being involved with the Club as much as I can be.”

When we asked him about Owen Coyle he was visibly agitated and admitted that facing the man fans call ‘Judas’ made him feel ‘sick’. “We all have that fan anger in us but for me it’s probably a bigger thing.”

It’s things like this that really endeared him to the Burnley support. He was a real fan and proud to admit it. Anybody that has met him will be aware of the burning passion he exudes for Burnley Football Club. I have enjoyed the pleasure of speaking to him on a number of occasions and it really was just that – an absolute pleasure.

With that unmistakably strong northern accent he is naturally warm and welcoming, and his openness and honesty and refreshing in the hush-hush world of football business. He loves nothing more than to talk about Burnley FC and that he might relinquish his position of power in the Turf Moor corridors was quite unthinkable.

However, as alluded in his earlier quote from the summer, he has had responsibilities away from Harry Potts Way in recent years in form of various financial and legal battles. The businessman suffered heavily from the repercussions of the recession and has been forced to commit more and more time to these matters.

His tweet from earlier today appeared to suggest this fight was finally over, but without knowing any specifics, it is unclear what the result was.

“I have settled my bank dispute, which has taken a lot out of me both financially and emotionally .3 months off needed . Bye for now.” [sic] he wrote early afternoon and a little over two hours later his resignation was announced by Club.

“Mr Brendan Flood has stepped down from the Burnley Football Club Board of Directors with immediate effect. Brendan, who joined the Board in 2006, has left his position for personal reasons,” read a short statement on the official website which continued to thank him for his efforts since 2007.

It is likely the two are related and whatever form his settlement with the bank has taken, his previous optimism about continuing his active role at the Club into the future has been thrown out of the window.

He remains a major shareholder, but that’s as far as it goes. I for one will miss him.

Yes, if his gambles prior to promotion hadn’t paid off we would have been in big trouble, and his tendency to stretch out the truth is infamous, but he is a die-hard Claret and a refreshing character who fans can really relate to. He’s not a faceless moneyman who sells our star players then hides away from responsibility – he was always more than happy to speak to fans as much as possible. He was willing to fess up to getting it wrong. And most of all – he’s the reason we were allowed that special night at Reading in 2009, the unforgettable win at Wembley it led to, the stunning win over United and everything else we experienced in that magical Premier League adventure.

I hope this is not the end of his professional involvement at Burnley Football Club.

Thanks for everything, Brendan.

Will you miss Brendan’s passion and ambition, or do you think we’re safer without him? Comment below.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    I’d like to echo Kevin’s sentiments. Speaking to Paul Fletcher recently, it was abundantly clear the key role Brendan played in our promotion. I hope he is back sooner rather than later.

  • Steve Kelly

    I have just heard this 10 minutes ago, and would like to thank Brendan for all he has done to contribute to the huge highs of the last 5 years.

    He seems a really decent chap and I do not doubt he will be back because he is a winner who loves BFC, but the banking crisis clearly took it’s toll in many ways.

    If it was me I would not want significant cash tied up in a business that I no longer control so as I have just tweeted it would not surprise me to see his shares bought out soon, whether by Russians or someone else. That could also be a way of getting new funding into the club but I would be wary of non Clarets holding over 50% of the shares, which an investor may want to build up to.

    Good luck Brendan and good luck to the rest of the Board in their decision making.

  • John Whittaker

    biggest crook going, good riddance

  • Rennie Clayton

    hes gone bust the silly sod

  • John Whittaker

    lets hope he gets investagated by the irs

    • Mark Asquithin reply to John Whittaker

      @Whittaker, don’t be a clown. Brendan has devoted passion, time and money to Burnley FC, making memories for the fans. His leadership of the club and UCFB brings investment and jobs to the community. I am eternally grateful for the memories & ongoing positivity his contribution has created. Thanks Brendan #LocalHero

      • Kevin Robinsonin reply to Mark Asquith

        Hear hear

  • Ben Palmer

    Personal reasons are that he’s got all his money back

  • Mike Mada

    I’m always fascinated by the naysayers who criticise those who put their well-earned money where their mouth is – and a lot of it. Anyone will know (and all you need to check is the finances of almost every football club in the land), that the easiest way to make a million is to put £10 million into a football club.

    I’m in awe of those like Brendan Flood who take the risk to give every one of those true BFC supporters such pleasure. I’m pretty sure that Brendan took little or no profit from his investments (even if he did, we still felt the benefit) and I wish him well in the future.

    I’d like to feel that if I’d earned the sort of finances he has (or maybe had) at his disposal, I’d be prepared to risk it in my football club.

    My suspicion is that those out there who are the ‘takers’ of this world would never have the balls to put their monies where there mouths are, like Brendan and others at the helm have done. After all, why bother, if w*nk*rs out there complain anyway – clearly not true supporters at all.

    Good luck Brendan – and thanks for the experiences that you gave me, in my late 50’s (Burnley 1- 0 Sheffield United, Burnley 1- 0 Manchester United).


  • John Gibaut

    I live just north of Seattle in the American North West, so when I put my ear to the ground I only hear planes and computers :). But seriously, this has come as a big surprise to me. I suppose the only clue for me was that Brendan didn’t take over from Barry (Kilby). I had the great pleasure to meet Brendan (and Paul Fletcher) in Portland, just before the Premiership season when we were playing a friendly against the Portland Timbers. It was clear to me how passionate Brendan was about the club. I wish him all the luck and hope it isn’t a permanent, rather than a temporary, decision.

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