Manager vacancy: Holloway has met with Burnley

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Kevin Robinson October 27, 2012
Hear, hear. Totally agree with Eddie's decision. A very honest ... 3 years ago

Burnley have reportedly joined Blackburn and Crystal Palace in a three-way tug-of-war for Blackpool boss Ian Holloway, writes Kevin Robinson.

It is believed that Holloway met representatives from Burnley this week amidst growing frustration with life at Bloomfield Road.

Our own sources today added weight to claims by Chris Boden of the Burnley Express that there has been contact between the two parties.

“I understand the club have pursued the possibility of landing the former QPR and Leicester boss,” Bodes reports in the Express.

Any meeting is said to have been ‘brief and informal’ but adds substance to growing suggestions that ‘Ollie’ is the latest man to register on the Clarets board’s radar.

According to the Mirror, for whom Holloway is a columnist, a clause in his contract frees him to join any Championship clubs for £500k – and this, along with boardroom frustrations, has alerted a trio of teams to his potential availability as Burnley join Blackburn Rovers and Crystal Palace in the race.

Holloway has repeatedly refused to rule out reports he is ready to jump ship and vocally critisised his employers on a number of occasions of late, even saying of his chairman Karl Oyston: “He is the most stubborn person I’ve ever met.”

He said in his press conference yesterday: “I will talk to my chairman until I die about the job that I’m doing here. That’s what I will do. The rest of it is absolute nonsense. Those players in there know how well they’ve played. All the other ones I’ve had have made me at a different level, now. I’m proud of that. That’s all I came here for.

“Life’s about timing, life’s about choices. I haven’t got any other choice than working here. I’m so proud of that. It has been hard and it always will be hard with Karl Oyston because he’s fantastic at what he does. He’s so stubborn sometimes and I’ve never complained about that and whatever happens between me and him, I never will.

“I’m absolutely stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment. I can’t win whatever I say. I’m just getting on with my job. That’s all you can do.”

Such comments have offered great encouragement to clubs seeking a new manager, but will also raise alarm bells in his own boardroom.

One of his primary concerns is said to be lack of financial support required to secure his top transfer targets – and this whole saga could well be a ploy to lure extra funds from his chairman.

We’ve already had the wool pulled over our eyes recently when Paul Lambert used the vacancy at Turf Moor following Brian Laws’ departure to get himself a better deal and budget at Norwich.

“My chairman hasn’t called me,” Holloway told press yesterday. “Until he calls me, there’s nothing I can say.”

Before bringing his team to Turf Moor last Saturday he told the BBC he was ‘very proud’ to be Blackpool boss, in quotes with at least a passing resemblance to that Eddie Howe statement on the initial Bournemouth link.

“I’m very proud to be the Blackpool manager and what I think about other football clubs is nobody else’s business.”

“If someone did ring for me, my chairman would answer the call, he would tell me about it and we would discuss it. Last year, that actually happened. He told me of somebody’s interest, I thought about it and I told him that I was more than happy to stay here.

“Will I be the Blackpool manager for the rest of my life? No, I can’t see that happening.”

  • Richard Moore


  • Ian Barritt

    If what he wants is more money for buying players he isn’t going to choose Burnley out of those three.

  • Richard Moore

    That did cross my mind.

  • Ian Barritt

    I never really understood why Howe left. Did his family just hate Burnley?

  • Richard Moore

    I don’t really know, Ian. He’s a young man with a young family. His mother died not long ago. Living away from home, things becoming a bit difficult on the field. All of that, I suspect. The January transfer window opening on Charlie Austin, perhaps ? Who knows.

  • Jordan Hodson

    He left because of family reasons meaning his dad was on his own is wife and kid never came up to burnley they all stayed in Bournemouth he was living up here with jason tindall as his family never came here either I fully understand why he went back anyone else would do it got loads of respect for that man for what he did even though he left us

    • Mike Madain reply to Jordan Hodson

      Hear, hear. Totally agree with Eddie’s decision. A very honest and understandable reason, putting family first.

  • Ian Barritt

    I haven’t been to Burnley for a while now but it’s become quite a sad and dispiriting place – unemployment, shrinking population, BNP.

  • Matt Hall

    Think there was a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about perhaps. Fair play he put his family first so respect that

  • Matt Hall

    Ian, I’m led to believe he lived in Hale, Cheshire so he wasn’t actually living in Burnley

  • Antony Robinson

    Did you not watch Blackpool outplayed by your scum

  • Barrie Hargreaves

    read in paper that burnley have offered dyche job then in a surprise twist ad talks with holloway

  • Martin Biddulph

    A YEAR

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Be very happy with Ollie, especially given the reported shortlist of Dyche, Pressley and Lomas.

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