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Manager vacancy: Strong day makes Owen Coyle favourite

Owen Coyle has shot from nowhere back to bookies’ favourite to replace Eddie Howe at Turf Moor.

The sacked Bolton boss was strong early favourite when Howe decided home is where the heart is with odds at 3/1, Sky Bet trader Chris Spicer saying: “Coyle looks the perfect candidate given his previous work at the club but the nature of his departure raises questions, with the Clarets fans making their feelings perfectly clear when he took over their rivals.”

He had slipped right down to 66/1 recently after Lee Hoos effectively ruled out a return but he has been strongly backed today. He is now marginal favourite with Bet Victor, who offer the shortest odds the market has seen so far at 13/8, Sky Bet (7/4) and Stan James (2/1).

Helen Jacob from Sky Bet told me: “Owen Coyle’s odds have come in dramatically today from 25/1 this morning to favourite at 7/4 now.

“Money started coming in mid-morning when he was cut to 14/1 and the odds were trimmed a few more times as we continued to take bets including some decent sized wagers at 5/1.

“A return seems unlikely with the way Coyle left but he’s based in the area and did a good job there last time.

“It would probably be easier for him to go back there than it was for Harry Redknapp to go back to Portsmouth after he left for Southampton.”

The best odds available are now just 3/1 with Paddy Power, where Mick McCarthy remains favourite at 15/8. There is little between yesterday’s favourite and Coyle, both sharing the best available price.

Micky Mellon is now up to third favourite and can be found between 9/2 and 8/1, while Michael Appleton has drifted as high as 9/1 with BetVictor. Terry Pashley is 12/1 despite admitting he hasn’t thought about taking the job on full-time and Crewe’s Steve Davis (mk I) averages around the 11/1 mark.

Nick Barmby, who was 10/1 yesterday, has sunk in the last 24 hours and can now be found as high as 33/1. Keith Hill is reported to be back in the running and he can be found at between 16/1 and 20/1 with former Preston boss Billy Davies and Graham Alexander.

Wigan coach Graeme Jones is 25/1 with Stan James and grouped with the 66/1 outsiders on BetVictor, where he was previously an 8/1 favourite.

What do you make of Owen Coyle coming back into the picture? Comment below.

  1. People are obviously putting money on Coyle!

    Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
    • Interesting how he’s come down so dramatically. Somebody obviously fancies him if Sky have taken ‘decent sized wagers’.

      Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Robinson
  2. Better not be, scum ridden horse faced liar

    Posted 2 years ago by Phil Tricks Wilcock
    • Sound-bite ridden one-trick pony bullshitter, who’ll be off as soon as the going gets tough and he was once the ‘hero’ somewhere. No way.

      Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
  3. Oh it’d be so funny to see some fans reaction – eg. The one above!

    Posted 2 years ago by No Nay Never
  4. fuckin hell no way

    Posted 2 years ago by Bernie Carter
  5. The Burnley fans have been a complete joke over all this. Firstly, Coyle was a second rate forward at Bolton who struck gold in a few high profile games. He was fired off by colin Todd and as a manager he did very well at third rate clubs like St Johnstone (Perth for the morons) and then at Burnley. I never wanted him as Bolton boss. I’ve supported Bolton since 1962.After castigating him for leaving Burnley for what was an established premiership team (9 years) yes 9 years, he left for a club that doesn’t train on a park pitch, has an academy and a proper football ground, not having to walk through a pool of piss like under the cricket ground stand at turf moor.He managed to get us relegated! Coyle is a bad, bad manager. He turned Bolton into a team of tarts and you are basically, welcome to him. I hope you after all the vitriol that has passed, can sleep straight in your beds!!!! I’m sorry but Burnley fans are a joke.

    Posted 2 years ago by Geoff
    • I don’t get it. You’ve explained why you don’t like Coyle, but what have Burnley fans done? Why are we ‘a joke’?

      Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Robinson
    • He might have been a bad manager for Bolton, but he was a very good one for Burnley.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
      • ‘…but he was a very good one for Burnley…’

        If what you want is promotion and then collapse, I agree.

        He was simply not good enough for the bigger picture and was failing miserably in the Premiership except for a few notable results.

        In many ways, exciting though it was in the Premiership (as well as excruciatingly embarrassing at times) – and I for one wouldn’t have missed it – it has been a bit of a poisoned chalice, building supporters expectations beyond reality, such that even modest progress behind the scenes and creating a new, young squad, has often been met with vitriol towards Eddie, the players and the board, by a whole range of numpties who think we deserve to be up there by default..

        It’s not enough to say the board won’t invest – who out there is doing so in clubs like ours? Or will we sell our souls to the chicken-pluckers of this world?

        Coyle did an unexpectedly good job to get us to the Premiership and then, despite appreciating that the board weren’t going to bet the ranch, legged it on the pretense that they weren’t giving him the funds. He ran away when he realised that he couldn’t cut it in the conditions that he was expected to.

        In many ways it was fun – in many others, Coyle’s legacy has made life all the harder.

        And I haven’t even mentioned yet the devious behaviour when he left and his huge lack of integrity.

        If he comes back, it will be another disaster and end in tears.

        Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
        • Yeah I was pretty content with a cup semi-final, promotion to the Premier League, beating Manchester United…

          Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
          • However he left us, surely nobody in their right mind can deny hr was anything but a brilliant manager for us while it lasted?!

            Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Robinson
            • Some people are just blinded by the way he left and can’t recognise the amazing things he did. Blaming Coyle for our current mess when the board appointed Brian Laws is just perverse.

              Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
    • Yea, you took him and he f**ked you too. In your case, it was worse in many ways, because you were supposedly much more mature in your strategy for long-term sustainability and he dragged you down to his level. BTW, don’t send him back here, we DO NOT WANT HIM!

      Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
  6. Was told somebody was putting stuff all over Facebook about Sky Sports confirming we’d approached Coyle the other night. Looked into it and it was a load of nonsense, but rumours like that may get around and that could be why there have been so many bets on him.

    Posted 2 years ago by Chris Stanworth
    • Might well be – there must be a reason why there’s been a lot of money on him today.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  7. Coyle back for me so let cut the crap get him back and start winning

    Posted 2 years ago by Stephen Hargreaves
  8. Coyle bk 4 me aswell

    Posted 2 years ago by Barrie Hargreaves
  9. He’s not a naughty boy, he’s just a selfish bast@rd who decided to rip the heart out of our club. If he comes back I, for one, will not be back at the Turf for a long while. A disgrace of a man.

    Posted 2 years ago by Judas
    • Me neither – it’s not what Burnley Football Club stand for. Shockingly selfish man who cared nothing about our heritage.

      Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
  10. Yep Coyle or McCarthy for me to

    Posted 2 years ago by REEVO
  11. Never. Going. To. Happen!!!!

    Posted 2 years ago by Natalie Bromley
  12. Urgh. No. Why the heck would anyone want him back?????… He dropped us to better himself, now hes running back crying. No way. He can rot in the Scotland job

    Posted 2 years ago by Dale Harvey
  13. tommygun says remember what coyle did nOt many managers out the whole football leage could have done that on the tiny budget he had so do the clarets fans want some second rate dope lile smith who nearly had us out the footbsll leage or give coyle a chance

    Posted 2 years ago by Roy Taylor
  14. A tad too much self righteous and small town, small minded vitriole here.
    I remain unconvinced that the full details of the events around OC’s departure have been revealed.
    The team lay 16th but as often happens, the tactics were being sussed by teams who at the beginning of the season had expected easy pickings at the turf (mr laws subsequently provided these)and got soundly embarrassed on the counter -attack. Burnley had a salary cap per week that has subsequently been abandoned for Laws , then Howe AFTER THE HORSE HAD BOLTED. Coyle NEEEDED and BFC NEEDED to strengthen the squad in the winter window. It wasnt going to happen under Mr Kilby. Bolton- his old club offered the resources. EXit.Logical and equal blame
    Before you whinge on about the betrayal and lack of loyalty- arent we the supporters who bayed for Jimmy Adamsons head in 1970-71 and also the fans who set fire to Jimmy Mullins wifes dress and generally abused and belittled a man who had given this club some self respect back?
    I just ask that he who is without sin caste the first stone

    Posted 2 years ago by john
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