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Manager vacancy: Five-man shortlist revealed?

Mick McCarthy and Portsmouth boss Michael Appleton reportedly head Burnley’s five-man shortlist to replace Eddie Howe.

Former Sunderland and Wolves boss McCarthy and ex-Preston midfielder Appleton are thought to be leading the pack ahead of Nick Barmby, Steve Davis and Sean Dyche, who are also being considered according to Chris Boden of the Burnley Express.

The Club was quick to respond this morning, however, claiming that the reports were ‘premature’. “Initial Interviews only took place yesterday and more planned today,” stated the official Twitter account.

It stopped short of directly denying reports though and the board are likely to have their favourites prior to beginning the interviewing process and those five remain the likely frontrunners. The charmen are hoping to make an appointment next week after interviewing a number of candidates for the job, giving caretaker manager Terry Pashley the one game in charge against his former club Blackpool this weekend.

McCarthy, Barmby and Dyche are all out of work, having lost jobs under varying circumstances over the past year.

Mick McCarthy was fired by Wolves in February after hitting rock-bottom of the Premier League despite £12 million worth of summer signings - but has won the Championship twice before with Sunderland and Wolves and succeeded at keeping them both the latter in the top flight.

Nick Barmby was suspended then fired in April by Hull City for using the media to criticise the board’s financial support, while Sean Dyche was ousted from his position at Watford when the club’s new owners wanted their own man, appointing Gianfranco Zola in his place. While in the job his side did well, finishing eighth with the second best defence in the league.

Only two years older than Eddie Howe, Michael Appleton was forced to end his playing career through injury aged just 27 and went on to coach and temporarily manage West Brom in the Premier League. He has steadied the ship at Portsmouth this season despite not having a single professional player at the club until two days before the first game of the season.

Ex-Claret Steve Davis (mk I) has worked his way up from level nine of the football pyramid. After making waves with double non-league promotions at Nantwich Town he was appointed assistant at Crewe and when promoted to manager he took them up from League Two at the first attempt.

Are you happy with this shortlist? Who would you prefer from this five? Comment below.

  1. Not enthused by Dyche or Barmby despite both doing all right in short spells. Not sure what to make of Davis and I’d be surprised if we could get McCarthy – still think he might go to Bolton. Reasonably happy with Appleton, although disappointed the likes of Hill don’t seem to have been considered.

    Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  2. I’m OK with this.

    It could have been a lot worse and there will probably be one or two ‘under-the-radar’ names that still to enter the fray.

    Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
    • I’m certain there will be more than those five in the frame, but those are the five being mentioned in the press.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  3. Where is NNN getting this from? as is if “Nick bloody Bamby” would be on anyone’s short list Dyche the same. ! Are we making it up as we go along? Does anyone have some hard facts rather than the continual speculation ? Furthermore, what the hell are the board doing reacting to applications, for goodness sake pick you man and go get him ….. BE PRO ACTIVE NOT REACTIVE

    Posted 2 years ago by REEVO
    • Sources are n the piece – Barmby and Dyche mentioned by the Burnley Express.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  4. “…Sunderland and Wolves and succeeded at keeping them both in the top-flight”

    Is this true? With Sunderland, I thought he was sacked the season they managed a then record points low and finished bottom of the league?

    Posted 2 years ago by Michael Connell
    • You’re right sorry, fixed.

      Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Robinson
  5. Appleton and McCarthy are both my picks so pretty happy both are being considered. Not sure Mick will be over enthusiastic at having a limited budget though so I would say Appleton is the favourite.
    Think Dyche did an impressive job at Watford to be fair. Finishing 8th last season with limited resources and an inexperienced squad was a sterling effort. Just unfortunate to be the victim of foreign owners. Also learnt as an assisstant under Mackay – who is doing pretty well himself.
    Not too sure about Barmby, unknown to myself.

    Posted 2 years ago by Andrew Frost
  6. I am perplexed at the apparent popularity of mccarthy as a candidate. His teams play neanderthal football,they are humiliated by any quality opposition and i cannot think of any manager less suited to producing a team clarets fans want to watch.he blew big budgets to produce cow pat of short memories may have forgotten the quip of a wag when we exited the premiership that brian laws outstanding achievement was to make mick mccarthy look competent

    Posted 2 years ago by John pollard
    • Two promotions to the Premier League mean he has a CV that dwarfs the other candidates…

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  7. Wow how easy it is to please some clarets!
    There isnt a name that wets the appetite, but we shouldnt be suprised after the debacle following OCs departure. How Laws ended top of the list makes me nervous about the next BFC appointment.
    To the board-please dont rush into this, if at first you dont succeed TRY AGAIN.

    Posted 2 years ago by John Smith
    • Who would you like to see given the job, John?

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  8. McCarthy achieved promotion with 2 clubs that had resources that dwarf what Burnley have or had available. The attainment of promotion is desirable but not at the expense of football integrity and not at the risk of financial ruin (ask pompey fans-even if they did win the cup). It was agony watching steve fletcher trying to make his way in a wolves team stuck in the footballing dark ages and it is now great to see him thriving.
    But, sorry Jamie you asked me to be positive not negative- Well firstly, I am in the camp that believes that OC gave us the best 18months of my Burnley supporting career (1st match at the turf 1965)with the possible exception of the 72-75 era. I also believe there is an untold story. I remember OC saying McCarthy laughed when he discussed OC’s budget and it is bizarre that after OC went Laws and Howe were given access to funds that OC clearly wasnt. Best of luck to Kib Kilby but he’s gone and I suspect that Hoos is a different kettle of fish.
    Secondly, I dont think we should confuse fiscal responsibility with lack of ambition. For this reason Appleton appears to be a prudent choice,but Ive never seen his team play and this opinion is entirely non-evidence based.
    I think we need to make a choice that we can stick with for a minimum 3 years to give the successful candidate an opportunity to perform without demanding instant gratification. Both OC and Appleton appear to fit this model though I am aware that many bolton fans severely doubt OC’s tactical nouse.
    50 years of supporting the clarets has had its ups and downs but I know that Ive aleways been proud to do so, I have never envied the supporters of Liverpool, United (or in their day-Leeds) and have not had to live life under the delusional cloud of divine right to winning everything every year (King Kenny sacked fir only winning one cup??/). In consequence , when success (however relative!)has come around I have enjoyed it with pride and immense satisfaction and I intend to do so in the future.
    I dont belive a McCarthy offers this, Appleton or Nick Bumby might and I suspect OC still could but I dont believe anyone can offer long term sustained presence in the premier league , champions league football and a trophy every year. Incidentally- would you guys sell your soul to an oilstate prince, a franchise organisation , let alone the Venkys?- thats not about small town minds, thats about integrity, respect for your roots anda sense of reasonable expectation-

    Posted 2 years ago by john pollard
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