Manager vacancy: Latest coverage

Photo - James Bird Photo - James Bird
Adam Haworth October 15, 2012

We’ve seen favourites fluctuate and new candidates enter into the fold today. 

Our writers have also had their say on the day’s events and the managerial situation as a whole. Here’s all of today’s coverage in one handy place.

Mon 15 Oct

The satisfaction dilemma

Adam Haworth takes a look at the problems surrounding the appointment and the issues with choosing a popular candidate, versus a more exciting, but risky choice.

Weekend news round-up

Here’s our summary of everything that happened over the weekend and on Monday morning. You can be sure not to miss a thing.

Keith Hill out, but why?

Keith Hill has reportedly been ruled out of the running for the Burnley job, but Jamie Smith just can’t understand why.

New favourite in the odds

There have been drastic changes in the odds. We take a look at the most recent fluctuations.

What is our footballing philosophy?

Lee Hoos spoke earlier today about our football philosophy. Jamie Smith discusses what on earth he’s on about.

A former Claret to return?

Kevin Robinson provides a comprehensive look at ex-Clarets that could possibly be in the running for the manager’s position. Some are more likely than others to return.

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