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Adam Haworth October 13, 2012
We could get Fergie or we could get an up ... 3 years ago

Everyone has a different opinion on who should be appointed the next Burnley manager. But here are some thoughts on what the board must do to ensure they find the right man for the job. 


Perhaps the most important legacy Eddie Howe has left behind at Burnley is his long term policy. We’ve spent two years adjusting to his plans and the whole dynamic of the club has been adapted to fit his vision. It’d be an implausible waste of money to get a new man in who wants to change it all again. For me, the new man must be able to simply tweak the existing model at the club. We need continuity in policy to succeed.

Look to future

They say never go back. There’s a reason. I think Burnley fans have a fixation with looking to previous managers for the future success of the club. We’ve already seen the genuine calls for Stan, Cotterill and, of course, Coyle to return to Turf Moor. But the truth is that each manager on that list has their faults, hence why they’re not in the job any more. The strongest calls are for Owen Coyle to return. Whatever your opinion on the man, the opinion split alone would lead to a very strange atmosphere at Turf Moor. People are either for or against his return, there’s no in between. The club’s would be working against each other. It doesn’t matter about where you lie: whether you want Mr Coyle back or not, the conflict created by his appointment would be detrimental to the club’s success.

Take your time

Don’t go rushing into things, board. Take your time to create the best list of candidates available and go after them steadily, having thought about what you’re doing. Laws’ appointment in 2010 was the result of panic and we cannot afford to rush into anything again. Take your time, use sound judgement and sleep on decisions to make sure you’re sure of what you’re doing.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

Laws is well known to have been the cheapest option. Don’t do that again. Please. We deserve better as fans. We also have a reported £900,000 in compensation fees to spend on a replacement. We have funds to get the right man. Don’t be stingy and just go for the easiest option. I’m sure you’ve all learned from your mistakes in 2010 and this was one of them.

Consider fans’ opinions…

… But don’t live by them. Fans are the heart and soul of the club. We all know that. Everyone has a different opinion but it soon becomes clear that some replacements are more favourable than others. Again, looking back to Laws, he was almost universally an unpopular choice from the start – it’s just that some people decided to give him a chance and some didn’t. Listen to fans’ opinions to gauge if we’re on for another Laws universally-unpopular-no-chance appointment, but don’t live by our opinions. People dismissed Owen Coyle when he first joined. It’s important to be brave enough to make a sound decision, that might not be the most popular choice and choosing a really unpopular choice that might succeed.

Do you agree with Adam? What else must the board ensure they do to get to the right man?

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Is it also important to have a defensive expert as well? That is the obvious weakness in the squad, but do you pick a manager with that in mind?

    • Adam Haworth
      Adam Haworthin reply to Jamie Smith

      I think you pick a manager for the long term – not just problems we’re having in the current. Perhaps it’d be a good idea to get someone in who is capable of organising the defence, but it’s not the biggest priority.

      • Jamie Smith
        Jamie Smithin reply to Adam Haworth

        Defence has been a problem for yonks, in fairness.

        • James Bird
          James Birdin reply to Jamie Smith

          Only the last few managers.

          • Jamie Smith
            Jamie Smithin reply to James Bird

            Bring back Steve!

  • Reeve

    Why do we need a manager who will ” tweak the current” system? who says the two years work that Howe has done is right? You would need to go a long way to convince me and other clarets, in fact the alternative may said. We currently have a team of young players and it is clear we are desperately lacking in experience. Furthermore some of these players will be gone very soon as Howe will we be keen to claim many of his subjects back, I can see Bartley and Ings going, along with Charlie off to a Southern based Prem club.

    I accept the facilities have been improved significantly and Sports Science now plays it’s part quite rightly at Turf Moor, but let’s remember Coyle got us promoted to the Prem with those “not fit for purpose” facilities. The suggestion that we should carry on Howe’s good work is perhaps best described as “naive”let me explain why.

    We sit in one of our lowest league spot’s for five years that’s after our £145M revenue from the Prem monies! What we do need is a very quick realisation of where we are, and moreover, where we need to be. Where we are is simple we are balanced upon the edge of the abyss! ….. to strong perhaps? Hummm look at PNE, knockin a ball around in a debt ridden club that’s a quarter full on match days, playing league one football, if we go down like they did, then our revenues crash and we have to slash and burn on wages again, players leave, fans become demoralised and the whole circle of negativity takes you to a place you never thought you could be (ask PNE fans!)

    What the board members MUST do is release that this particular appointment is perhaps THE most important for for 33 years, if we get this wrong then we really could be in a world of trouble. So my message to the board is simple ” IT’S NO TIME FOR ROOKIE MANAGERS THAT WE CAN GET ON THE CHEEP” and It’ is time from John B and Co to take the bull by the horns and “quickly” bring in an experienced manager. This will do several things: 1) settle the player, 2) the fans will know what they are getting 3)The team can put aside some fanciful football for a while whilst we exchange it for some points. 4) It will inspire other players to join BFC in place of these continual links with conference league players.

    As fans we need to play our part and expel immediately the notion that this is a job for the likes of Micky Mellon or Paul Cook. My fellow clarets we are founder members of the football league we have history and tradition to match many across this land we need to start talking this club up or we we soon be believing that the best we can do is hope for a good lower league manager.

    Let’s stand up and be counted together Board and Fans, its time to bring in some experience and put this club where it rightly deserves to be back in the Premier League We are Burnley, super Burnley and a warning for our Southern pretenders …………….we are from the North !!!

    • Kevin Robinson
      Kevin Robinsonin reply to Reeve

      Where’s the £145m figure come from?

    • Adam Haworth
      Adam Haworthin reply to Reeve

      Fair enough. I think it’d work best if we don’t have to waste time and effort putting a whole new system because I believe Howe’s system to be the right one. But you’re entitled to your opinion absolutely.

  • Chris Stanworth

    I’m ‘in between’ on Coyle

    • Adam Haworth
      Adam Haworthin reply to Chris Stanworth

      Is the fence comfy?

  • Phil The Claret

    We could get Fergie or we could get an up and coming manager like Mickey Mellon, it doesn’t matter because the board won’t give them any money. We always seem to be a selling club, it would be interesting to see what the board did with the money from the sale of Jay Rod?

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