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Manager vacancy: Hoos speaks on Coyle return

Tonight’s rumours of a return for Owen Coyle have been shot down by Burnley FC.

Coyle was immediately installed as the favourite once Eddie Howe’s departure to Bournemouth was confirmed, with the ex-Claret boss unemployed after his recent sacking by Bolton Wanderers.

Although there is still plenty of bad feeling towards Coyle as a result of the way he left Turf Moor in January 2010, opinion is split among fans over whether or not they would want him back.

Earlier today, Oliver Norris outlined some of the pros and cons of bringing Coyle back to Turf Moor, but chief executive Lee Hoos has already moved to quell the growing rumours.

Speaking to Radio Lancashire this evening, he said: “I just couldn’t see how that one could happen.

“Obviously I wasn’t there when the whole Owen Coyle saga happened but I got enough feedback to know I just couldn’t see a way back for that one.

“Being free and available is not necessarily the hallmark of what going for, it has to be the right person – the right man for right job at the right time.”

It does seem strange for our chief executive to be speaking so frankly about a potential candidate this early in the process, but he stopped short of outright ruling out a Turf Moor return for the Scot.

Coyle would probably have to make the first move if there was to be any chance of a comeback for the man we called God, then Judas, who went on to dub himself Moses.

Could he still be the Prodigal Son? Perhaps, but after Hoos’ comments it looks less likely than a couple of hours ago.

  1. Lee Hoos im afraid is a poor excuse for a chief executive he is one who want to go down this frankly stupid eithos for bringing in younger long term management rather than experience which is WHAT YOU NEED in the Championship, Its a no-brainer for me Owen Coyle must come back and win round everybody at Burnley and with his contacts and previus success with us he may well do it again fingers crossed. As for Lee Hoos he should follow Howe out the exit door too. Since hes been at the Club the PR between the Club and Fans has been nothing short of a embarrasment to be honest and Lee Hoos is the cause!

    Posted 2 years ago by jbclaret05
    • I have a feeling that your opinion on the matter may be skewed by your opinion on who the next manager should be. Calm down! He’s not done much wrong, just honest! It’s a tad unprofessional, yes, but it’s not really warranting his resignation!

      Posted 2 years ago by Adam Haworth
    • Bit harsh on Hoos I think. The club can only survive by developing young talent and selling it on – makes sense to do something similar with the management (I do quite want OC back…)

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
      • Maybe i was a bit harsh on Hoos but you cant tell me since hes been at Turf Moor the PR has been good cos it hasnt, In my opinion the Eddie Howe plan needs to be put to bed Get OC back in with Steve Davis on his backroom team keep Charlie Austin and maybe spend some cash in January on established players so we can have a good shot at those Play – Offs.

        Posted 2 years ago by jbclaret05
        • he’s not in charge of PR. Chief exec roles are always complicated but you’d imagine he’ll play a role in appointing a replacement for EH.

          Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
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