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Manager vacancy: The round-up

Eddie Howe left his manager’s position at Burnley earlier today. 

Last Wednesday, it became clear Howe was linked to the post at Bournemouth, but it was quickly quashed by Howe himself and chief executive Lee Hoos via the club’s official website. But a week later, on Wednesday of this week, rumours began spreading that Howe was indeed considering the move to the south coast outfit.

Throughout Thursday, fans were awaiting information, after Hoos visited the training ground. The club fell silent until late at night, when a statement was released. It stated that Burnley had not reached an agreement with Bournemouth for Howe. Finally, on Friday it was confirmed that an agreement had been reached with the Cherries for Howe and that Howe was likely to leave.

Here’s all our initial reaction to the departure of Eddie Howe and the candidates to replace him at Turf Moor. Naturally, there will be more reaction in the coming days here on

The initial reaction

Eddie Howe leaves Burnley FC

Modern men: Our managers since 2000 by the numbers

A return for Owen Coyle?

Coyle is early favourite for managerial vacancy

Managers: The options

Hoos speaks on Coyle return


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