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UPDATE: Eddie not taking training this morning?

It appears Eddie Howe has already taken his final training session as Burnley manager – while confirming that negotiations are ongoing.

We speculated yesterday that he could be at Gawthorpe for the final time, anticipating an announcement of his imminent departure sometime in the afternoon or evening.

That announcement never came, just a statement revealing that negotiations were ongoing but stating the approach was unwanted by Burnley.

News breaking this morning is that Eddie Howe is not at Gawthorpe to take training, according to Burnley Express sports editor Chris Boden.

Eddie had last night confirmed to local press that negotiations were indeed ongoing, as we strongly suspected.

In a text to local journalists such as Boden, BBC Radio Lancashire’s Scott Read and the Lancashire Telegraph’s Suzanne Geldard, he confirmed that Burnley and Bournemouth were locked in talks but nothing had yet been decieded.

Boden and fellow reporters waited around Gawthorpe for hours yesterday in anticipation of any news breaking and expected to follow a similar course today, Boden earlier tweeting: “Coffee, then up and ready. Waiting to see whether we should go to Gawthorpe or not, but expecting it all to go through today certainly.”

Howe would normally be at Gawthorpe well before 9am for training but was yet to make an appearence approaching 10am.

Given his clear interest in the job, his position at Burnley is now untenable and today’s development suggests the two clubs could be only hours away from finalising the deal.

Either way it’s becoming increasingly clear that Eddie Howe is, for all intents and purposes, no longer manager of Burnley Football Club.

Update 10:45

Jason Tindall is taking training this morning in Eddie’s absense.

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  1. I personally think, unless the manager refuses the move straight away he doesnt care about our club as much as he has said before… And to potentially drop a league or 2 depending how he does at bournemouth, says to me he is not confident at Championship level, and that cant be good for the squad, so leaving for bournemouth may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for us (heres hoping :-))

    Posted 2 years ago by Andrew (Thornton1882)
    • From the info we have, it’s clear Howe wants out. So he has to go.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  2. It all makes sense, he’s had his mind elsewhere for a while now and he has clearly been unhappy working in the North. This development is actually a god send for us, we were potentially sliding towards division 3 with little sign that Eddies multi million pound defence could stop my lads under 11′s team from scoring when they wanted to.

    I still think he’s a good manager and in surrounding he’s more comfortable with I’m sure he will prosper. Now we need to get the appointment of his replacement right!

    Posted 2 years ago by Jonas
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