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Coyle finds out grass isn’t always greener

Owen Coyle has today been sacked as the Bolton Wanderers manager two-and-a-half years since his acrimonious departure from the Turf. Andrew Frost asks the hypothetical question – would you ever have him back?

It’s a funny old game football, isn’t it? Only a couple of years ago Coyle was touted by many as a future star of the game. Today, he finds himself out of a job after becoming the latest casualty to fall at the hands of the unforgiving Championship.

How quickly things can change.

The way  the Scot left us in 2010 still leaves a bitter taste in most fans’ mouths – myself included. The man had earned himself a place in Clarets folklore after leading us to the promised land and his stock within the national media couldn’t have been higher.

Admiring glances from the bigger clubs was inevitable, but a move down the M61 to Bolton was not the one many anticipated Coyle would accept.

For a man who was seemingly destined for bigger things, a move to the Trotters was viewed as a sideways step. Many believed he was taking on a similar – if not arguably bigger – challenge of preserving the club’s Premier League status than the one he faced with Burnley.

The lack of loyalty shown by Coyle infuriated Clarets fans who swore never to forgive someone they now branded as ‘Judas’.

In the wake of his departure, NoNayNever asked you whether – if the situation ever arose – you would ever have him back at Turf Moor for a second spell as manager.

The results obtained from Twitter and Facebook were overwhelming in agreement that for now at least, he would not be welcomed back. Here’s a selection:

@lhodgson1988: simple answer and very easy to answer- no

@chrisellisuk: Had the chance to be a legend with us, on course to keep us up, could have had a legacy.. Karma

@cstanworth86: No. His success was based on positivity & a ‘feel good factor’, not tactical nous. After what happened, that wouldn’t return

However, despite the hostility towards a return for our former manager, there still remains a minority of Clarets fans who would be able to forgive.

@eccles76: in a heartbeat, best years we’ve ever had were with him.

@itsBenCostello: I’ll be able to forgive Coyle, I just won’t forget what he did

Obviously all this debate is based on a hypothetical situation arising, as at the moment we have a manager who is under contract.

The results though, just emphasise how much Owen Coyle’s once glowing reputation in East Lancashire has diminished and a return to Turf Moor in the future would be highly unlikely given his unpopular status with the fans.

Looking back now, Owen Coyle may well come to rue his move down the motorway but let’s not forget, he did get Bolton to an FA Cup semi-final – so his CV is still rather impressive. Overall though, his reign with the club didn’t pan out as he hoped and he will now be hoping an opportunity will arise quickly in order to rebuild his reputation.

Once a stable Premier League manager with ourselves, he has now been sacked from the Championship.

It just proves Owen, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Would you have him back? Let us know your thoughts, comment below.

  1. Mr Stanworth has it spot on. The man is tactically inept. Eddie is much more of a tactician, he just needs to sort out the mentality of our players. A combination of both would make a great manager.

    Posted 2 years ago by Daniel Bentley
    • I wouldn’t say Howe is any better than Coyle tactically, personally. Coyle usually set up his teams reasonably well, at least at home. Both have/had problems adjusting to changes made by opposition managers, or switching to the right formation when the teams didn’t naturally match up.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  2. No way. although he got us up there he was awful at adapting his tactics. There was only a gung-ho Plan A and defensively that left us frail, even in the run in. His lack of integrity that was part of his departure is inherent and won’t change.

    Interestingly Eddie doesn’t have the same charisma to Coyle, but you do sense he feels the problems deeply and is still lerarning a trade with a newish bunch of players. Come the end of the season, our defense will have learnt a lot as will the management team. Eddie has the integrity that bullshitting ‘sound-bite Coyle’ will never have.

    As far as I’m concerned he’s destined for Ayr or Ardrossan now, and ‘long may it continue’

    Posted 2 years ago by Mike Mada
  3. Coyle was good for us. He got us promotion to the Barclays Premier League. We fans had a wonderful 18 months and a trip to Wembley that we will never forget.
    What was unacceptable was the way he left us. He preached that he didn’t want players who were just after the money, which we all liked…then ‘He’ left for the money and took our backroom staff with him.
    We will never forgive him for that.
    Lets keep the faith in Eddie. He is a young, ambitious manager and still has lots to learn. He needs to be a better man motivator and needs to get the best out of the players. Lets give him time…we understand we will always have limited resources…lets hope he can get the best out of them.

    Posted 2 years ago by John Heyworth
  4. I have only just heard the news as I am in the Rockies but my initial instinct is that Eddie is a better manager, not as one dimensional, and we currently have a far better attacking record than under OC – and we know what OC is like defensively. So no, would not have him back even If I could forgive, which I could not.

    Agree with integrity comments, it being a worry, and as for his judgement, would you prefer to work for the man with the big eyebrows, or Barry Kilby? No chance he would have been sacked at the Turf and every chance we would have bounced back even if we went down because he fitted us like a glove, harnessing the extra passion of our fans compared to the lesser intensity at some of our rivals.

    Posted 2 years ago by Steve Kelly
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