UPDATE: Howe is top target for Bournemouth

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Jamie Smith October 3, 2012
Too right Ben and Kevin. I'm wondering if someone let a ... 3 years ago

Bournemouth want to bring Eddie Howe back to Dean Court to replace Paul Groves, it is being reported.

It’s almost two years since Howe took over at Turf Moor and with the Cherries in danger of slipping back to League Two, Eddie Mitchell is hoping to persuade the Clarets boss to return to the south coast.

According to Neil Perrett, a reporter for the Bournemouth Echo who covered Howe’s move to east Lancashire, the Cherries have made Howe their top target.

But Burnley Express journalist Chris Boden does not think Howe would be interested in a return to Dean Court, despite the Clarets struggling in the bottom half of the Championship this season. Even if there was an approach, it seems Burnley would immediately reject it, while Howe apprently “wouldn’t want to work with chairman again”.

There would also be questions over the ability of the Cherries to buy Howe’s contract out, which was reported to be worth £1.75 million when he signed for the Clarets.

Update Wednesday 22:00

Last night, Burnley’s chief executive Lee Hoos said: “Burnley Football Club would not welcome any approach for Eddie Howe from any club.

“We are in the process of building for the future with Eddie and his staff and speculation is an unwanted distraction.”

Update Thursday 11:30

Eddie Howe has commented this morning on his commitment for Burnley, whilst refusing the comment on the Bournemouth job but not entirely dismissing out any interest.

“I think this is a Bournemouth story and one I don’t think I should comment on.

“I am proud to be Burnley manager, we have a lot of work to do here and it’s still very early in the job.”

What’s your view on a potential offer from Bournemouth for Howe? Comment below.

  • James Brown

    we won’t stand in his way

  • Phil Graham

    Please God let him go.

  • Chris Wilkinson

    Steve Kean for Burnley :)

  • Phil Graham

    I heard you’re getting Judas!

  • YorkshireCherry

    Come home Eddie!

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson

    Pretty sure his comments this morning are from a textbook.

  • Ben Palmer

    Where is all this anti-Eddie stuff coming from? The problems we have with the team are going back to Judas, managers need time. I honestly believe that this season will get us prepared properly and building for the future is something that doesn’t happen in just over a season. I trust in Eddie and hope he stays for the long haul.

    • Kevin Robinson
      Kevin Robinsonin reply to Ben Palmer

      I agree. And I’m sure we’ve got Eddie for a long time yet.

    • Mike Madain reply to Ben Palmer

      Too right Ben and Kevin.

      I’m wondering if someone let a bunch of Rawvers fans on here – like they have nothing to focus on at their end.

      Eddie – with the board – is on a strategic plan to create a legacy. It takes time and patience and then we won’t be left with a load of the sh*t we had when Coyle was here. That artificially raised expectations that were simply not sustainable.

      Eddie is the man to do it – and do it right this time.