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Eddie Howe won’t leave for Bournemouth

Comment by October 3, 2012 with 10 comments

Bookies have installed current and former Burnley managers Eddie Howe and Steve Cotterill favourites for the vacancy job at Bournemouth.

Bournemouth sacked Paul Groves and his assistant Shaun Brooks today after a 3-1 defeat saw them sink to 20th in League One.

Cotterill is a free agent having lost his Nottingham Forest job less than a year in when the Al-Hasawi family completed their takeover this summer. It would be an appealing prospect for him given the location and he has shown he’s not afraid of dropping down the leagues by taking on League Two Notts County in 2010.

The Howe link is the one piquing interest over these parts though - bookies offering the Bournemouth job market have him at around 3/1 and shortening - and while that’s some way longer than Cotterill’s evens it still makes him strong second favourite ahead of Gary Johnson and Harry Redknapp.

Would he be interested? There are certainly reasons to suggest he might be; the strong affinity he clearly has with his old club, the prospect of a return to the south coast – he’s not had the most successful time at Turf Moor so would he cut his losses and jump before he’s shoved?

I’d bet against it. Loyalty and ambition are two words I’d be quick to associate with our gaffer and leaving us for a team in a similar position to us but a league lower doesn’t fit with either of those. He’s a manager who works to a very long-term viewpoint – he spoke when appointed manager of both Bournemouth and Burnley that it would take four or five years to get the team playing how he wants.

That long-term view is what attracted him to Burnley – we’ve shown we are more than willing to give a manager time even when things are tough (Brian Laws was the exception rather than the rule) – and it’s also the reason we brought him to the Club. On the face of it the Eddie and the Burnley board have demonstrated similar values and attitudes on how a football club should be run. They seem to have a strong relationship.

Lets remember the circumstances we got him in the first place. There were a good few Championship teams after him, but he was in no rush to leave if it wasn’t to the right club.

It’s an easy link to make and early manager markets are usually based as much on guesswork as anything else. Burnley will not let Eddie Howe leave and Eddie will not want to leave.

Do you think Eddie would leave? Would we let him? Comment below.

  1. That’s a pity, I don’t think Howe is cut out for championship football.

    Posted 2 years ago by Phil Graham
  2. Without Charlie Austin we’d be bottom of the championship! Being in Germany I don’t get to matches but are we playing the old Kevin Keegan Newcastle way? Attack, attack, attack and sod the defence?

    Posted 2 years ago by Paul Derrick Storey
    • No – it’s not a lack of numbers at the back that has cost us goals – most have been due to individual errors or outstanding attacking play.

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  3. If B.F.C can’t afford his rail fare to Bournemouth I will willing pay his single fare.

    Posted 2 years ago by ray blakeley
    • Your an idiot

      Posted 2 years ago by Josh F
  4. There are so many factors involved that it’s a highly complicated area. It’s not as clear cut as some would have you think, although obviously dropping a league would be a backwards step for his career. Eddie has a young family and they have to be considered. But this is all highly speculative and hypothetical until Bournemouth show their hand.

    Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  5. If B.F.C can’t afford his fare to Bournemouth I will the far for him and his entourage, one way.

    Posted 2 years ago by ray blakeley
  6. “he’s going nowhere”……hmm, that usually means …”he’s going”

    Posted 2 years ago by David Blades
  7. I believe he should go. he is not going to get burnley back to the premiership, infact If he stays. I think there is a strong chance they may even go down

    Posted 2 years ago by Tony Bentley
  8. Bournemouth Fan – Wouldn’t of even thought about him coming back but for some reasons the bookies have it all figured out and they are usually never wrong. Im interested to see what Burnley Fans think of him but if theres a chance for him to come back i’ll drive up there and get him.

    Posted 2 years ago by Sam Roots
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