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Tom Hark returns with individual goal tunes

Burnley are looking at a new goal-music idea whereby each player has his own tune.

Fans voted in favour – just – of keeping goal music in the Club’s annual supporters survey this summer, but rejected last season’s Just Can’t Get Enough jingle.

Club officials are planning to scrap the Depeche Mode tune with the ‘traditional’ Tom Hark by the Pirahnas for the coming season, media officer Darren Bentley revealed on Twitter this afternoon.

But those plans could be pushed aside yet as another avenue is explored that would see a different tune played for each player’s goals.

It’s something that has been suggested by a few people John – and at a supporters Liaison Group – and we’re looking into it” Bentley tweeted in response to @Claret_John’s suggestion that ‘each player should have an allocated tune’.

Among other clubs, Preston ran a similar scheme on a smaller scale recently when ‘Big Bad John‘ was played after every Jon Parkin goal.

We’ve tried to get rid of Tom Hark on a number of occasions over the years – seemingly trying to get something a little more unique to Burnley – but nothing has ever caught on.

First they tried no music, but dropped that trial after just two games. A similar attempt to bring in Um Ba Ba was ditched after a short trial and last season’s Depeche Mode track never caught on, despite being a favourite chant on the terrace.

Should individual goal tunes get the go-ahead, the Club will be hoping it engages fans on a more significant level than any previous efforts.

It has potential, fans love getting behind their favourite players – who can forget the ‘Ade’ and ‘Beast’ chants – but will the reaction be the same when an unfamiliar jingle follows if Daniel Lafferty scores his only goal of the season?

It’s only being ‘looked into’ at the moment, so might not come to fruition at all – only time will tell.

Would you welcome individual tunes? Are you happy with the return to Tom Hark? Comment below.

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  1. If we *must* have goal music, and apparently some people insist on voting for it every year, we at least have to do something a bit different.

    Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
  2. Excellent. After playing their music, we could also give the player a mic so he can make speech. Maybe it could go something like this:

    ***Charlie Austin grabs the mic after his goal music dies down***

    Austin: some people bin sayin’ I remind them of Andy Payton. *spits on grass* Andy Payton ain’t fit to clean my boots. Goals in his day ain’t worth shit

    *crowd boos and camera on big screen settles on Andy Payton in the crowd looking cross before he rips off his clothes to reveal a full Burnley strip. He tears out a Bob Lord chair and races on to the pitch but after swinging the wooden seat at Austin and missing he picks up the mic Austin has just dropped*

    Payton: … [camera zooms in on APs rage filled face] boy you got some guts chattin’ to me like that. I challenge you to a death match at penalty shoot out half time mania and we’ll see then who’s the best damn goal scorer Burnley has ever had!

    *crowd cheers, Payton returns to the stands and the game resumes*

    Posted 2 years ago by Michael Connell
    • Well they have to justify £30+ for tickets somehow… ;-)

      Posted 2 years ago by Jamie Smith
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