Brendan Flood: Twitter helps Burnley FC be accessible

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Jamie Smith July 18, 2012
Jamie Smith

In part three of our chat with Burnley FC director Brendan Flood, he tells us about his use of Twitter.

It raised a few eyebrows when Flood arrived on Twitter a few months ago. Some people assume the social networking site is full of people talking about their breakfast – and a bit of it is, admittedly – but Flood got the hang of it quickly.

It’s a shame some Burnley players have felt the need to close down their accounts on the site due to the abuse they have received from so-called supporters, but it doesn’t look like Flood will be packing Twitter in any time soon.

“I think it’s great as long as you can realise you’re out there, you’re accessible,” he told NNN.

“If fans were in the position – and it’s a privileged position that we’re all in on the board – you would want, as a fan, to be able to speak to the people who are in charge.”

Over 80 per cent of Flood’s tweets are replies, and he repeated that it is a matter of accessibility, and the importance of keeping in touch with fans. Twitter would seem to be the ideal way to do that in the modern world, allowing him to quickly dip into the site and gather opinions from fans.

He said: “I think the less accessible we are, the less in touch with our fans we become, so for me it’s just another function of  listening and sharing your opinion and understanding if you’re on the same page as the fans.

“If you’re not on the same page, don’t stick around, you need to go.”

That’s not to say Flood only uses Twitter as a tool to gather information about the views of fans. He gets stuck in with the old ‘banter’ as well as anyone.

“I think its all about sharing your opinion, getting feedback and enjoying it as well,” he told us.

It looks like Flood will be a firm fixture on Twitter for the foreseeable future.

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  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Must admit I was sceptical about Flood on Twitter initially, but I’m a convert now. He’s taken to it very well and is one of the more interesting people I follow now (ps you can follow me at @jamiesmiff I’m dead good too honest thanks).

    • Kevin Robinson
      Kevin Robinsonin reply to Jamie Smith

      I think I’ll pass.

      • Jamie Smith
        Jamie Smithin reply to Kevin Robinson


  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson

    i was pleasantly surprised to learn 80% of his tweets are replies. It’s refreshing to have somebody of his stature so accessible and accountable, and to see him actively communicating with fans with such regularity.

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