Burnley FC responds to NNN ticket price concerns

Adam Haworth Adam Haworth
Jamie Smith July 17, 2012
Ah, Mr Mada is the first to roll out the ... 3 years ago

NNN has received a response from Burnley’s chief executive Lee Hoos to our email addressing concerns over ticket prices.

Following the release of details regarding this season’s matchday ticket prices, we collected some of the responses we received from fans and sent them to the Club. This is the reply we received today:

“Thank you for your feedback regarding ticket prices for the 2012/13 season.

“Firstly, as you will know the early bird season-ticket offer for the coming season provided supporters with excellent value for money – with tickets per match available as low as £13.

“This was done specifically to address those who may have been struggling to pay full price for a ticket.

“The membership scheme, placed back on sale from 2 July, also offers supporters reductions on individual matchday tickets of up to £4 per game.

“By this method, a cost saving can be made by attending as little as six games and this has already been a popular scheme. Hopefully it will continue to appeal to those supporters either unable or unwilling to attend sufficient games and purchase a season ticket. .

“The £31 charge you refer to applies only to non-members, for GOLD category games.

“However, this will not be charged across the board for ALL home games. In fact all BRONZE category matches can be bought by non-members for less than individual match prices charged last year, whilst SILVER matches have increased by only £1 or £2 (depending on seat location).

“As a club we have implemented these rises in a bid to remain competitive as a football team in the Championship.

“It is always a difficult balancing act, striving to offer supporters value for money and, at the same time raising sufficient revenue to support the manager in his efforts to produce a winning team.

“We are acutely aware of the financial climate in and around Burnley and the demands placed on supporters.

“However, we also know how much supporters want to see a team trying to compete with clubs with greater resources as a result of their ownership structures and/or their geographical position.

“As a club, we also have to accept and recognise the need to be self-sufficient and not put our long-term position in potential jeopardy by spending beyond our means.

“That means increasing the revenue streams we have and in return looking to provide a product you feel is worth paying for.

“In addition to rewarding loyalty, we have also matched the price of tickets to the costs of staging a match. Police and stewarding costs for the minority of matches that are categorised ‘Gold’ are far greater than other matches – so it is a matter of matching costs with revenues.

“We would dearly hope that supporters would want to see more than just the Gold games – specifically Blackburn and Bolton – and would therefore look beyond the top level prices and at the entire pricing structure on offer.

“However, if some supporters only wish to see one or two games during the course of the season and choose the most popular, most expensive ones for the Club to stage, then we believe this structure is the fairest way of charging and allocating costs.

Lee Hoos


Burnley FC”

What do you think of the Club’s response? Comment below.

  • Quoonbeatz

    I like that he says what I’ve said on this all along. I should be the chief exec.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Quoonbeatz

      You’d probably be cheaper..!

  • Stephen Cronshaw

    A typically corporate response imo,at least he had the decency to respond even though I don’t agree with the majority of his statement. UTC.

  • James Brown

    No idea again! Sat in a bubble..

  • John Palmer

    Well G4s cant manage security for olympics so.how can they manage a football ground.

  • John Palmer

    Cant see many fans going on this year

  • Michael Connell

    Unfortunately there isn’t a professional football club in England that doesn’t rip off it’s fans these days. It will never change. Fans will always swallow the need to remain competitive line and many will even be proud of the fact that they’ve paid more than they can really afford to as it proves their ‘real fan’ credentials. I shouldn’t judge, I’ll probably still pay those prices, as will most fans and the club knows it.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Michael Connell

      Football has to be coming to a bursting point. It just can’t keep going this way with TV money rising every year and player wages going up to yet more ridiculous figures, with ticket prices helping to cover the outrageous figures players are earning even down the leagues.

      Going to be very messy when it all blows up.

  • Jonas

    This membership scheme that has already proved to be very popular, with whom and on what measure? Have hundreds of fans been contacting the club to say what an amazing idea it is or does he actually mean a lot of people have shelled out because a con of scheme costing £20 is better than being ripped off on the basic ticket price? In a way I’m pleased, the policy has just helped to solidify my views on modern football. I’ll go to a few away games, maybe even the odd home game, as a customer rather than a fan.

    Re M Connell’s comments, the thing is, many won’t. That is why season ticket sales and matchday attendances are steadily declining again. Much like the decisions on the youth policy, short termism rules again.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Jonas

      Totally agree on the membership issue. It’s just a way for the club to put prices up but shout about the ‘savings’ fans can make by, erm, paying more money.

      We didn’t need a membership scheme before promotion and I’m the King of Mars if we need one now.

  • Mike Mada

    I think Hoos response is perfectly understandable. No one want to pay much for anything and yet they expect to experience the results they desire.

    It’s a no-brainer that any business has to balance its books. On the one hand, supporters want the best players on the other hand, they want to pay less.

    The question about whether players are overpaid or not is irrelevant, it is (somewhat bizarre, I give you) reality – at least for the time being.

    I don’t see any of the personnel at the club making pots of money – I for one wouldn’t want their roles, because whatever you do, in supporters eyes, it’s wrong!

    You know it, I know it, support will probably be slightly less than last year, only because falling out of the Premiership is still having an effect – most loyal supporters will understand why costs have to be levied as they are.

    I have my Bolton ticket and after my membership gave me a discount, I’m delighted with it!

    • James Bird
      James Birdin reply to Mike Mada

      I’m finding myself agreeing with Mike Mada, I must need a lie down.

  • Jonas

    Ah, Mr Mada is the first to roll out the ‘proper fan’ argument, well done.

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