Zavon Hines released by Burnley

zavon hines
Kevin Robinson July 17, 2012
good, frees a spot up for a good player.. he ... 3 years ago

Zavon Hines has been released on the quiet by Eddie Howe this summer after less than 12 months at the Club.

Hines arrived from West Ham United early last season but didn’t even threaten to make any sort of impact and was shipped off to finish the season in League One with Bournemouth.

After managing just 13 appearances last term, all from the bench,  he has told Sky Sports he is on the lookout for a new club after leaving Turf Moor.

“I am looking for a new club after leaving Burnley over the summer,” he admitted as part of Sky’s ‘Free Agent’ feature “And I am just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

“I see myself as playing in the Championship, but obviously I will go to League One to prove myself and show to people that I am back to my best. I am confident in my ability and I just need the chance to show people what I am worth.”

He was signed with high expectations in August for a fee decided by tribunal thought to be around £250k and Hammers fan David Evans told No Nay Never: “He is an excellent prospect and would do well with a Championship side willing to use the player more often than the Hammers were.”

Another, Goatygav, was especially disappointed to see him leave Upton Park. “It’s a shame as I had high hopes for him at one stage. He reminded me a bit of Ian Wright and Jermain Defoe when he first broke in to the West Ham team.”

It didn’t work out that way though, and in the last few weeks Jamie Smith described Hines’ first year at Burnley as an ‘unmitigated disaster’.

Until this morning’s reports emerged, Burnley had made no mention of his departure but have now released a short statement.

It reads: “Burnley did not take up a second year’s option on Hines’ contract and have allowed the former West Ham winger to leave as a free agent.”

It seems a little strange that the Club kept us in the dark about this – were they embarrassed?

UPDATE: Burnley’s Media Manager Darren Bentley has commented on Twitter. “Complicated one, but we haven’t been able to announce Hines until now.

“These things happen. Agent clearly keen to get Zav fixed up quickly. We have only just had clearance to announce.”

Chris Boden of the Burnley Express told No Nay Never: “[It] was a delicate situation with Zavon, press were asked not to reveal anything until tricky contractual issue ironed out.”

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  • No Nay Never

    Story updated with quotes from the Club’s Media Manager Darren Bentley.

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson

    He could run quite fast.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Kevin Robinson

      So could Mo Camara.

  • Tom Campbell

    Very weird

  • Jim

    Great prospect at West Ham but we let him go because he wanted more money than we were willing to offer. It wasn’t lack of ability but the fact that his knees were f*cked. You don’t offer a player high wages when there’s a good chance they’ll spend most of the season on the bench. Gutted for the lad.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Jim

      He didn’t really show anything at Burnley. Interesting about his injuries – wonder how much impact his knees had on his year here.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Funny one. Not surprised he’s gone. He was rubbish. Hope he wasn’t too expensive.

  • Mark Wilson

    he’ll end up at Deepdale with the rest of the free transfers :(

  • Gary Tish Townsend

    good, frees a spot up for a good player.. he was poor

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