Brendan Flood: Bolton fixtures make me feel sick

Jamie Smith July 12, 2012
I know, doesn't make it any better 3 years ago

Burnley director Brendan Flood has spoken to NNN about Owen Coyle, Paul Lambert and the Club’s finances.

Our own Kevin Robinson and James Bird went down to Burnley FC to meet Flood – who joined the board just before the Club’s promotion under Owen Coyle three years ago this summer.

Flood spoke candidly on a range of topics and is clearly still affected by Coyle walking out on the Club two-and-a-half years ago. Similar to most fans, it seems the director is not yet ready to forgive Coyle for joining Bolton Wanderers.

“It’s difficult when you’ve been so close to how things happen to just cast that aside, so for me all the Bolton fixtures make me feel sick, so I won’t probably won’t enjoy that fixture at all,” he told us.

“But I’m sure the fans will enjoy venting their spleen. We all have that fan anger in us, but for me it’s probably a bigger thing.”

Flood of course was instrumental in bringing Coyle to Turf Moor following a recommendation from Bolton chairman Phil Gartside, so it’s understandable he’s still hurting from the Glaswegian’s defection.

The director has already given an insight into the process behind the appointment of Brian Laws following Coyle leaving on Twitter, but offered up more detail in our interview.

Of particular interest was the link to Paul Lambert. The former Norwich City boss is now in charge of Aston Villa and at one point seemed close to a move to East Lancashire.

“He’s a manager who’s got an immense appetite for winning and he would have been good for us whether we’d taken him on after Owen Coyle left or latterly,” said Flood.

“It was an interesting one because at the time we had a number of candidates in the running. Some of those candidates had compensation attached to them – and Brian didn’t.” he told NNN.

“There would have been the normal processes – you approach the club who has the manager, you negotiate the compensation, then you negotiate the terms with the manager … there was the club negotiation to be had – and the the compensation negotiation to be had – and at the time it was more of a board decision, so the board as a whole chose to go with Brian Laws.

“I was on that board so I share some of that responsibility, but I think we could have been more ambitious.”

But he stressed the Club is happy with the progress of Eddie Howe. “He’s more of a club man, he’s a long-term person,” said Flood.

“I think we’ve ended up with the best choice.”

We’ll have more from Brendan on the site later, including a video. Comment below with your thoughts so far.

  • Steve Kelly

    Seems clear that Lambert was very interested, as I thought at the time. Maybe the purchase of Shackell on a likely high wage shows that the power base has recently swung to less prudence more ambition? A balance between the two is always the best approach.

    As for Brendan, well done for doing the interview with honesty. Bolton probably played dirty in that one, maybe from when we recruited Coyle. Brendan probably didnt see that coming and regrets it.

  • Lofty

    Brendan, this article makes me smile. Stating you feel sick, you obviously dont have the stomach for the position if you cant get over something that happened so long ago and you were responsible for. You also still cannot see the failings in your ‘bitter messiah’ that anyone with football knowledge can see and would prefer so direct your thoughts in this way instead of getting your club and fans looking forward to a new season. The behaviour of your club and its fans will give us a laugh from first day of the season til last. Coyle is no messiah, he is no football genius, I doubt he has the acumen to take us up but he is ours and thats all you care about ;-)

  • Rememberscarborough

    It’s one thing for a leader to feel bitter in private but comments like this do a huge disservice to his current management team almost as if he’s saying “you’re not good enough and I wish we had better”. Poor leadership and, if he can’t move on, he should step aside.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Rememberscarborough

      We didn’t speak about Eddie Howe a lot, but it’s clear Brendan is happy with our current manager. After a difficult post-Coyle period, the whole club is slowly rebuilding.

      • Rememberscarboroughin reply to Jamie Smith

        I’m sure Eddie Howe is going to be a good manager but for his boss to be bringing up previous holders of his post so long after they left can’t inspire his confidence. I doubt Eddie talks about how good his former players were to his current squad so Mr Flood should afford him the same courtesy.

        • James Bird
          James Birdin reply to Rememberscarborough

          Flood didn’t bring them up, we asked.

    • James Bird
      James Birdin reply to Rememberscarborough

      I didn’t particularly ask about Eddie for the video but Brendan is absolutely delighted with Howe.

  • Jonas

    Laugh away Lofty, only fans who were in that situation can really understand our feelings. Fans will undoubtedly remind Coyle of how they feel about him but it’s just one game and compared to the derby it is fairly insignificant for me. As for Coyle being a genius – well he’s been shown up for his limitations, his Bolton side actually being worse than under Megson. Still loved the football we played under him though.

    For us now it is about our future. It is our managers chance to show he has the right stuff, to get us competing in and around the top 10 because on paper this years Championship looks like one of the toughest in a decade.

    And I say fair play to Flood, for once some honesty instead of the usual glib sound bites.

  • Jay

    good to see lancashire telegraph using your article, hope they have your consent

    • Adam Haworth
      Adam Haworthin reply to Jay

      No. They nicked the quotes without consent, which is generally accepted as long as there’s a prominent credit. But no. Nothing. We had to ring the reporter to get there to be a text credit online, but still no link.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Jay

      They didn’t and it was very disappointing that we had to call them up to have a credit put on the story online. We’ve sent a complaint to the editor and will keep everyone up to date on Twitter at @nonaynevernet. Cheers.

  • Roger

    What a compliment. The Lancashire Evening Plagiarists recognise great journalism. Perhaps they can send one of you lads on the next interview and get rid of their employees. A lot cheaper that way, perhaps they could donate some of the savings to our club. The football club probably helps to sell more papers than other news.

  • Chris Stanworth

    Hardly a shock from the LT

  • Adam Haworth

    There’s still no excuse though

  • Chris Stanworth

    I know, doesn’t make it any better

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